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Under Eye Brightening Corrector - BECCA | Sephora

I will be working on some more blog posts for favorite and go to beauty items for my kit and clients. I’ve been in love this the BECCA Under eye brightening corrector lately. I got this tip from fellow makeup artist Dominique and I must say its cheat mode for brightening up the eye area quickly.


First select your color. The light to medium or medium to deep shade. The medium to Deep has more of a dark peach base to help those with deep purple under eye discoloration. Its also more suitable for those skin tones. The Light to Medium can be used on fairer - light medium skin types who’s under eye may need not as severe correction.

Second, when applying take a small pin head sized amount and add from there, I find too much of this can be used easily and its emollient so it may cause your makeup to slip and slide if you use too much. So start small and build as needed.

Finally, this is not a concealer and while some may be able to use this for brightening by itself, many will top this with their concealer in their shade. By building a thin layer once you top with concealer you’ll have the perfect amount of coverage without being too obvious.

Luxury Wedding Day Skin Care

Through the grapevine, I've become acquainted with Sonia Roselli's products.  Sonia is a makeup artist based out of Chicago, IL who had a passion for developing the best skin care for makeup artists to have in their kit. They are 100% available to everyone to purchase to have in their home stash of skin care products. I think they are priced fairly for luxury skincare, and they look great on your bathroom counter. 

Often my brides ask me what I'm using. Here are my go-to products and what I use them for.

Sonia Roselli Beauty

SEXAPEEL by Sonia Roselli

SEXAPEEL by Sonia Roselli


is a light exfoliator that removes that surface layer of dead skin. Its kind of creepy but cool how your dead skin just sloughs off within seconds of applying. On Sonia's product page, she also has these uses for it:

Perfect for:

  1. On face, before makeup
  2. Before self tanning
  3. Bottom of feet
  4. Before shaving
  5. Before a big event. Anywhere skin will be showing, sexApeel™ first!
  6. Before mani & pedi
  7. Dry patches on skin
Japanese Cleansing Oil by Sonia Roselli

Japanese Cleansing Oil by Sonia Roselli

Japanese Cleansing Oil

This is wonderful for removing every stitch of makeup from your skin. Including stubborn eye makeup. Its a great follow up to after you've used Sexapeel on your skin.

Just shake up the bottle, apply to dry skin, really massage and rub it in, and rinse well with with lukewarm water.

Water Balm Skin Prep

It doesn't matter if you are dry or if you are oily or some combination of the two. This hydrating Water Balm is a quick and easy way to deliver the right amount of hydration to your skin before applying makeup.  This and the Sexapeel is what I get the most questions on by my clients.  Its something you have to experience! If you are trying to find an easy, one step moisturizer, this might be the one you are looking for. It actually creates small water droplets immediately after you start rubbing it in. It is truly a unique face product. 


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Water Balm Skin Prep by Sonia Roselli

Water Balm Skin Prep by Sonia Roselli

Farm Wedding Fantasy

Bell Farms Styled Shoot

Another great group of wedding vendors worked on this simple farm wedding shoot. The invites had a bee and honeycomb theme, the cake was rustic and I loved the bundt shape. Vintage accessories and soft, natural fabrics, gave this a causal, organic feel. For the makeup, I kept it soft, enhancing Chrissy's gorgeous eyes, with perfect skin and a complimentary nude lip color that was close to her own. Chrissy wore her hair natural, prepping with twists the day before and using Monat hair care products. But let's be honest... its hard not to smile at the chicken, an accessory every bride should have!

CAKE: Little Blackbird Bakery
HAIR: Lisa Klein Hair Artist AND Kylika Miller using MONAT
MAKEUP: Melissa Ramsey Artistry
Lead PHOTOGRAPHY: Cherry Chiles Photography
SECOND SHOOTER: Photo & Design by Samantha Jane Owenson
FLORALS: Photo & Design by Samantha Jane Owenson
INVITES: Photo & Design by Samantha Jane Owenson