Wedding Planning

Why your wedding checklist is betraying you.

In the makeup community, we talk to each other quite a bit. We talk about trends. We talk about the business side of bookings. One thing we all seem to agree on is someone or something out there is doing these brides dirty when it comes to advising on when to book your makeup artist. 

Septemeber has now become the most popular month to get married in my area. Our September was booked up almost a year in advance. June was close behind. But here we are, a month before, and we're regularly getting requests that we have to turn down. Steadily getting September and October requests when they are only 1-2 months away. And we are talking for wedding parties of 10 people!

I did a quick google search on wedding checklists, this is what I found:

Brides should start thinking about hair and makeup 6-7 months out. 

Brides should do their trials to compare hair and makeup 3-4 months out.

Let me be the first to tell you. This is wrong. The only thing I can come up with is these were written in the days before Instagram, Pinterest, and styled weddings. Sure, there are many hair and makeup vendors out there. And you may be able to find a few in 3-4 months before your wedding to do a trial. By the time you have a few trials, they have most likely been snapped up.

If you have top 2-3 artists that have solid portfolios, gorgeous pictures of their work, believe that they will get booking requests sometimes a year or more in advance. WITHOUT HAVING A TRIAL. Especially if you have a super popular wedding date. Those brides have booked their dream venue, vendors, including hair and makeup. They have planned their day to be perfection and want their photographs to reflect their best self. This is your competition, throw that checklist out the window. 

This accounts for a majority of our brides. Not saying that I don't have dates available for the last minute gals, sometimes I do! And again they are booking me first, we are doing their trials around a month before the wedding to nail down their final look, not to audition us for the job. Anymore the portfolio is the resume for the bride to decide who to hire. The trial has become the rehearsal of the bride's vision for their wedding day. 

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